The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

A Sympathy Letter for Loss of a Father

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The loss of a father is very difficult for most people. The father is the symbol of strength and protection in a family and losing him is one of the most sorrowful times in one’s life. When someone you know lost a father, this is the best time to lend your support by sending a sympathy letter for his or her father’s death. A father holds a very special place in many people’s lives and this death could cause psychological damage to a person. A good sympathy letter helps ease the pain and sorrow that a friend, colleague or relative is going through.

When writing a sympathy letter for the loss of a father, it is important that your letter should be sweet and short. Get emotional if you like since the letter is a personal one. Expressing your sincerest feelings is a great way to sympathize with the bereaved. Remember that the person is in a very delicate state of mind so you need encouraging words and great memories of his or her father. You can also use a famous saying or quote as encouragement to the reader. However, writing form the heart is still the best thing that you should do.

You can mention in your letter about personal things about the departed, especially if you knew him well. You could say you will miss his cheerful smile and his great devotion to his family. Make the bereaved aware that you are there for him or her in this very difficult time. Offer help if you like but be particular as to what you can do.

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