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Addressing a Sympathy Letter to a Widow

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It is difficult to hear of the death of a family, acquaintance or friend. It is important to send your condolences to the family, particularly the widow. If you do not know how to address a sympathy card or letter to a widow, then this article may be of help to you. Keep in mind that it is important to acknowledge the widow correctly. Do not forget that a widow is dealing with the deep grief and must learn to accept that her husband is gone forever. A widow still very much is the wife of the deceased and should be addressed as such.

When you send a sympathy letter or card to a widow, make sure to address the envelope to ‘Mrs. Kevin Jones’ or ‘Ms. Mae Jones’. In this example, Mae is the widow of Kevin, thus when you use Mrs. you use the name of the deceased husband. For a newly widowed doctor, you can address the envelope as Dr. Mae Jones. On the other hand, for a minister who is newly widows, you can address it as Reverend Mae or Pastor Mae Jones.

Do not forget to write a personal note to the widow that you are acquainted with by addressing her as Reverend Jones or Mrs. For a personal friend, you can address her as you usually do, such as Mae or Aunt Mae. The outer envelope of your sympathy letter or card should still read Mrs.

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