The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Condolence Card Message

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A condolence letter or card is a gesture of kindness, sympathy and love to a bereaved. When writing a condolence card message, it is of vital importance to write from the heart. This makes it more personal and helps alleviate the grief of a person who lost a loved one. Many people worry that the message in their condolence card will not help ease the pain of the loss or worst, say something that could make the situation worse.

When writing a condolence card message, always remember that your message is not very long. Stick to the basics and make certain to include phrases to your cards like ‘with deepest sympathy’ or ‘with sincerest condolences’. Do not forget to include fond memories of the deceased and always refer to him or her by name regardless if you know him or her very well or not.

When you send a condolence message, it is perfectly fine to offer assistance or help of any kind to the bereaved but be specific about it so you do not end up doing something that you find hard to do or beyond your means. You don’t have to mention in your card that you have sent flowers to the funeral. A condolence card is a good way of conveying your deepest sympathy and let the bereaved know that you are with him or her in this very difficult time.

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