The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Condolence Letter Sayings

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In a condolence letter, thing you should say reflect your true thoughts and feelings. Depending on the relationship that you have of the deceased or bereaved, it could be a few sentences for a page or more. However, it would be a good idea to keep the letter short and brief. Do not avoid using common clichés such as ‘I know how you feel’ ‘call if you need anything’ and ‘he/she is at peace now’.

Getting started on a condolence letter is the most difficult part. The following could guide you in writing a condolence letter most effectively. You could say ‘you are in my thoughts and prayers’, ‘I’m sorry to hear that your Father died’, and ‘we will miss him, he has touched a lot of lives’. Regardless of how you start, you may add several sentences about your relationship about the departed or memories of the things you have done together. Those who are in mourning would like to hear stories about their loved ones and wan to see the deceased through the eyes of others.

End your letter is very important. You get to enjoy your note with ‘I will keep you in prayers’, ‘our love and support is with you’, and ‘I’ll call you next week to check on you’. Make certain you write in a condolence letter. No matter how difficult, a condolence letter provides you ways to express your friendship and love to the deceased during this hard time.

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