The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Etiquette in a Sympathy Letter

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Writing a sympathy letter requires the right etiquette since the loss of a loved one is a very sensitive issue. Etiquette in a sympathy letter includes the right words, sincere condolences, proper addressing and signing the letter and many more. When your write a sympathy letter, you should use a thoughtful closing and sign your name. Make sure to clearly identify yourself and use both your first and last name so there will be no confusion.

You may also want to explain your relation or send a photo of yourself if you have not been in contact with the bereaved family for a long time. Refrain from sending money together with your sympathy letter or card since there are many people who would be offended with this gesture. It might give them the feeling that they can be consoled with money.

Your sympathy letter should acknowledge the loss for the bereaved; convey a sincere desire to help in any way during the grieving period. In the sympathy letter, avoid stressing how much you feel saddened because the purpose of your letter is to comfort others and not have them feel sorry for you. Moreover, your letter should convey not just support but also certain optimism.

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