The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

How to Address the Sympathy Card Envelope

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A sympathy card is an appropriate gesture after the passing of a family member or a friend. Addressing the card is pretty much the same as sending a traditional card. In the letter or card you want to express a message of empathy and support to the bereaved.

When addressing the envelope, write for instance ‘Smith Family’ on the top address line it is for a relative of the family. If you do not know the family personally, you can write ‘To the families and relatives of Bill Smith’. This is apt for colleagues, teachers, etc. Put ‘Mandy Smith’ on the top line if there is only one person in the home close to the departed. If unsure, write ‘To the relatives and friends of Bill Smith’.

Add a brief note inside the card. Recall a memory about the departed and let the recipient be aware of how much the person will be missed. If you prefer, you could let the bereaved know that you made a donation to a certain charity in the name of the beloved departed.  Sign your name under the message. Do not let anyone else sign your name for you and do not sign anyone’s name either.  A personal signature is a simple touch that everyone will recognize.

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