The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

How to Respond to a Condolence Letter

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In some point in your life, you will receive many condolence cards because of the death of a family member. Some of the letter senders may be close to you such as relatives, friends and colleagues while others are not, like a distant neighbor or the dentist. Most people do not know how to respond to a condolence letter nor is it required to respond to them.

Although there are no rules that order you to respond to every condolence letter you received, it is nice to say thank you if they call or you happen to meet them. Nevertheless, do not feel obligated to send thank you cards or expected to mention a thank you in your time of grief. If there is a memorial service for the deceased, you may consider displaying these letters or cards conspicuously.

According to tradition, it is appropriate to send a personal thank you to people who sent sympathy letter or cards, flowers and gave to charity in the name of your beloved departed. Nevertheless, you do not have to send a thank you note for those who sent pre-fabricated sympathy cards without a personal message. A couple of months following the death is a good time frame to send thank you cards or notes. Get all the sympathy letters or cards together and make a list of those how sent donation, personal cards, flowers and other offers. Your notes should be handwritten.

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