The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Letter of Condolence

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A letter of condolence shows sympathy and support to a person who has lost a loved one. Many people find it hard to write condolence letters since it has to be written tactfully and sincerely. This kind of letter is written to a friend, relative or colleague to give solace on the death of a loved one. A condolence letter should be written in a formal tone.

When writing a condolence letter, it is preferable to write a personal handwritten one instead of typing it our printing it out of the computer. Try to make the letter brief and simple. Furthermore, a letter of condolence should express your sincerest sympathy to the bereaved. It would be appropriate to mention your relationship with the deceased or add an experience with that person. This could mean a lot to those left behind. Feel free to mention the person’s qualities and strengths as well.

When closing your letter, choose a closing remark that is personal, so you should not end it with just your signature. Try using ‘you are in my thoughts at this difficult time’ or ‘you are in my prayers’ more. You can check out online for appropriate condolence letter wordings. If you want, you can add a sympathy card along with your letter. Keep in mind that a condolence letter should not be too flowery or too long. The key is to relay your sincerest sympathy to the bereaved.

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