The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Sympathy Letter for a Child’s Death

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Parents who are grieve the loss of their child, no words could relieve the tremendous pain they feel. Worst, friends may try to avoid them due to lack of words to say or what to do. Offering words of comfort for the passing of a child could be overwhelming, but this is the time when parents need support the most.

You might find yourself at a loss for what to write in your sympathy letter. Nothing can make the bereaved feel better at this time, but at least your letter will let him or her know that you love and care for him or her. One of the very difficult things about a child’s death s the reason for it. It does not make any sense since parents ought not to outlive their children. The best way to write a sympathy letter in this case is not giving solutions or explanations.

Here are some things you can consider writing in your sympathy letter.

1. I am here to listen.

2. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling now.

3. I am sad for you.

4.  I am thinking of you during this time.

5.  It is all right to be angry or sad around me.

6. Take all the time you need.

Here are some things you should never write.

1.  It was the will of God.

2. God needs him more than we did.

3. I know how you feel.

4. He/she is in a better place now.

5. At least you have other kids.

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