The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Sympathy Words to Use

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Sympathy words in a sympathy card or letter can be rays of light for the bereaved. After a death, things seem depressing and bleak and sympathy words are often beneficial to cope with the loss. Finding the right sympathy words is not easy and takes time and effort. By taking time to write your words of sympathy, you are letting your friend know that he or she is special to you and that you want to help him or her through this difficult time.

Your words of support and comfort will be reminders of your love for the departed and could be treasured for many years. When writing words of sympathy, you have to be transparent on your feelings. You do not have to dress up for your words or use flowery languages. Consider writing as if you are speaking to the bereaved face to face. The bereaved will appreciate genuine messages that come from the heart compared to a contrived sympathy message.

Make sure to send your sympathy words in time. Consider sending your letter no more than two weeks after the occurrence of death. Remember, even if sympathy words are hard to write, they are appreciated always. Take time to write the words that will comfort and encourage the bereaved and the rest of the family during this time of loss.

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