The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

The Value of a Condolence Letter

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A condolence letter is a letter sent to a person to convey sympathies for the passing of a loved one. This letter is different from a condolence card in length since condolence letters are more detailed and personalized.

People usually send a condolence letter for those people they have personal connection. In general, a condolence latter includes sympathy expressions, followed by memories of the deceased. Many people also include vignettes or short memories. A condolence letter expresses a deep appreciation of the life of the deceased, along with offers of assistance to the person or persons in grief. When closing the letter, expression of support and condolence is included.

Typically, a letter of condolence is written within two weeks of the death. It is written on formal and simple stationery and handwritten. Grieving persons appreciate a condolence letter even if they may not able to respond to them always. Many people keep condolence letters as mementos. You can personalize your letter by adding photos and mementos of the deceased and provide something for the mourner to refer when thinking about the loved one who passed. Besides the condolence letter, those who live near could attend the funeral or visit the home to pay a personal sympathy call.

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