The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

When writing a Letter of Condolence

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A condolence letter is given to a grieving family or friend over the loss of a beloved. Regardless of one’s relationship to the bereaved, it would be very difficult to find the right words of condolence. When writing one, try to be more emphatic and sensitive to the feelings of the bereaved. Imagine yourself in the situation and determine what you want to read.  You may also write a special memory or two of the deceased and mention how he or she has touched your life. Memories help in the healing process of the family and let them know that there are other people who share their grief.

Moreover, you may also add a quote that describes your memory of the departed. Consider a conclusion or words of comfort before signing your name at the bottom of the letter.  Your closing words should reflect your feelings. Many times, hearing of death leads one at a loss for words. The best way to comfort the grieving person and the family of the deceased is through writing a condolence letter. This simple yet sincere gesture will be treasured for years to come and will serve as a remembrance to the beloved departed.

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