The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

When you should send a Sympathy Letter

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Sympathy messages are appropriate for sending to the family of the departed. The sympathy messages you send are meant to console and comfort the bereaved. Nevertheless, if they are sent too late or not written correctly, they can have an opposite effect. Sending a sympathy letter too late could cause the bereaved who is starting to overcome the grief relapse into the state of depression. On the other hand, a letter that is hurriedly sent or without compassion could lead the bereaved feels that the sender does not is about the loss at all.

A sympathy letter should be sent as soon as possible after you hear of the death of a person. The family in grief will need all the support you can give right after the death of a loved one. The grief is a bit relieved as they consider the sentiments and thoughts of family and friends who took the time to show support. If you are away or sick during the time of death, you can send sympathy messages up to a few months after the funeral. Cards, notes and letters received at this period continue to help in the process of healing.

Refrain from sending sympathy letters or messages after three months have passed since the death because this could reverse or impede the healing process. Remember that different people have different needs to recover from a loved ones loss. There is not definite time in which the bereaved is expected to recover since the process of healing is very personal and depends on various influences.

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