The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Writing a Condolence Letter for a Father’s Death

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Words for a condolence letter are very difficult to compose. This is more so if you are writing for the death of a father. When writing a condolence letter for a father’s passing, try to put yourself in the grieving person’s place. If your father is still living, try to imagine how you will feel if he is gone. Through this, you can start making your letter and try writing things you want to hear.

Express your sympathies by using short and simple words. Some appropriate words you can use could include ‘I am sorry for the loss of your father’, ‘You are in our thoughts and prayers’ and ‘This will pass’. You may also include a memory to express your feelings about the father of the bereaved. If you are not well acquainted with the deceased, you could transfer what you know about him to a comment about the bereaved. For instance, you can say ‘Your father played a major role in making you one of the sincerest people I know.’

Try writing words of encouragement to the bereaved in your letter. Offer help you feel comfortable doing if you like. You could ask the bereaved if you could help in cooking meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry, shopping, babysit or maintain the lawn.

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