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Writing a Condolence Letter for a Sister’s Death

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A sister’s death is deeply saddening and is one of the most depressing moments in anybody’s life. It can be extremely hard to deal with because a sister’s passing means losing a best friend. Siblings often share a friendship bond aside from the blood and flesh bond. Sisters share moments of grief, secretes and happiest moments of their lives, so the loss is always very painful to bear.

When you write a condolence letter for the loss of a sister, try to make the grieving person feel that you are there for him or her. It is necessary that the bereaved should feel that you are thinking of him or her during this crisis. A person who has lost a sister needs strength in order to cope. Make your letter brief but sincere. Try to mention a few memories shared with the deceased and other strengths and traits as well. Your words could help soothe the pain that the bereaved feels.

You may also mention that the deceased sister would like the bereaved to be strong during this difficult moment. It is good to express your sincere belief that the bereaved will be able to surpass the loss and the pain. Bear in mind that the best letter of condolence to write to a person grieving the los of a sister is to write what is in your heart. Your letter is a big help to the bereaved during the time of grieving and the healing process.

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