The best way to write a sympathy card is to be genuine and simply say what you feel

Writing the Perfect Sympathy Letter

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Death is the time to find the right words to convey your condolences to a friend or relative. While there are many ready-made sympathy cards you can purchase, it is not as personal as a hand-written sympathy letter. However, you can buy a card and put the letter inside it.

When writing a perfect sympathy letter, you should try to be emphatic and imagine yourself in the place of the bereaved. Determine what you want to hear and what things could make you feel better. Make the letter brief since in times of loss nobody wants to read a long letter. Letting the person know that you care is enough. While a sympathy letter should be written with beautiful messages, dramatic language sounds insincere. Simply tell the bereaved how you learned of the news and to express great shock at the loss.

Always mention the name of the deceased and share your sadness. Let the bereaved know that you are there to support him or her at this difficult time. Pay tribute to the life of the departed by sharing a happy memory for your experiences with the person. It is fine to include humorous events that could help lighten the moment. Encourage the grieving person and let him or her know that you are confident that he or she will get through the pain and the loss. Do not hesitate to offer help to the person if you are capable. Refrain from offering unwarranted advice. Close your letter with an expression of comfort, affection and sympathy. Make sure that your concluding words reflect your sincerest condolences.

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